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Cherry Road Winery, LLC
1133 27th Street, N.W.
Massillon, OH  44647




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Make Friends - Keep Friends
One Man's  Legacy....

Just two weeks after the winery opened in 2016, the Robinsons lost their beloved Dad, father-in-law and "Papa", Bill Broel, Sr. at the age of 83.  While he was able to see the winery taking shape, he never got to enjoy the business open and full of the friendly people who have made the first year such a wonderful success for our family.  He would have LOVED it!  My dad was a constant inspiration to us and always had words of support to share. So much of what we have been able to do is because of the foundation of love and the spirit of entrepreneurship that was shared with us by my dad. Thanks for reading our story.  Judy

In the late 1960's Judy's dad, Bill Broel, Sr. bought the  property on the corner of Wooster Street and Bison Street and he and his business partner opened a welding shop (now the winery) on the "flat land" on Bison Street and later built a huge building for boats and camper storage. Bill was a visionary and  built the first individual storage units in Massillon.   With extra fill dirt during the construction of the Massillon Rec Center, Bill was able to flatten out the hill on Wooster Street, and started selling Amish made Miller Barns to local folks in Stark County. These barns are still for sale on the site on Cherry Road!  

Bill then met an Amish farmer and made a deal to start selling corn and vegetables on the same corner.  Bill used one of the Miller barns and created a produce stand, which he ran for eight summers until finally making Florida his year round home in 2015.  During this time, we learned from Bill that making and keeping customers, or "friends", was key to running a successful business! 

Being annexed by the City of Massillon gave us the chance to add water and sewer to the property with initial plans to build a tasting room on "Cherry Road".  However we've now decided to stay put on 27th and keep the name Cherry Road Winery as we are now "just off" Cherry Road on the west side of Massillon.   

Production Facility/Tasting Room

So it wasn't built to be a winery and sure isn't pretty on the outside, this is our production building and tasting room. We had planned to build a new building on Cherry Road (thus our name), but we've decided to stay put for a while.  We've got enough room for a nice casual wine experience, and everyone has fallen in love with the outside (pictured above Tuslaw Class reunion party).  So we are going to expand on our current site and see where God takes this whole adventure!  

 Sophie is our official wine dog!​   Come visit us!  Fred & Judy & Sophie 

"Love Local"
"Imagine Macy's Santa Claus sending customers to Gimbels."... of our favorite movie lines!  Here's a list of some of our friends "in the business" in Massillon.  While we know you want to stop by our place for a glass of wine or two, you might  need to eat, or want to visit another nearby winery. Here are a few establishments that will be able to help you out:

Newman Creek Cellars, downtown Massillon
28 Charles Avenue, S.E.


Pizza restaurants close by:
East of Chicago Pizza (will deliver to the winery)

Kraus' Pizza - 5 minutes away -1917 Lincoln Way, N.W.


Bison Street Burgers & Brews
1409 Bison Ave. N.W.
330-830-6418 (2 mins away - pick up only)

Smiley's Pizza & Italian Restaurant 
27 Lincoln Way
330-832-3388 (Delivery)