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                   Massillon's West Side Winery

Current Hours:

Thursdays & Fridays 3pm to 9pm
Saturdays  1pm to 10pm

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Located  at 1133 27th Street, N.W. Massillon
for GPS navigation use 1575 BISON STREET N.W. MASSILLON

Only Happy....In Ohio

Cherry Road Winery is proud to introduce Only Happy ....In Ohio signature wines as a tribute to the sweet grapes and beautiful people of the state of Ohio.  No matter where you are, the shout of O-H! is always answered with a resounding I-O! - a kinship like no other.  Enjoy!

   Only Happy is a sweet red blend of concord & niagara grapes
 In Ohio is a moscato - our sweetest white wine!

O H - I O makes a great gift for Ohio enthusiasts! 

We will box the wines together or sell individually! 

For each set of red and white wine sold,  not only will you get great tasting wine and good looking bottles, but CRW will "pay forward" $2 from each set to a local charity.

Stop by the winery for more details! 

Our Roots

Our Wine

Our Mission

To provide delicious, quality wines  in an atmosphere that is warm and inviting and to pay forward the blessings we reap from this adventure.

Our Values:
Make Friends, Keep Friends
Produce Quality Wines
Work with Passion
Love "Local"
Pay Forward 

The idea of a winery came from years of visting and "testing" other wineries and wines from grapes grown  in Ohio! Many of these winemakers became our friends.  Fred will tell you, he likes the kind of people that visit wineries.  Judy will say she was just looking for something for Fred to do for retirement!              Both have always worked to serve others and God.  Starting a winery seemed like a natural fit for all of our interests!  Enjoy!

Fred & Judy Robinson
 We feature 4 Red wines,  4 White wines and 1 Rose.  Just in case we ever have to drink our inventory, we  have to say we favor the sweet wines over the drys.  So you will find more semi-dry and sweet wines in our selection.  Our juices come from Ohio and other great wine regions.    Our wines are named for the rich history that IS Massillon and other things we are passionate about, like Fred's car and ...
O-H  I-O!